Excel Mechanical Pencil

M. Pencil Type: Metal Mechanism

Tip Size: Available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm

Colour: Available in:
icon-color-pms286-blue Metalic Blue
m-_pencil-pantone_176-15-dark_grey Metalic Dark Gray
icon-color-pms032-red-canada-flag Metalic Red
icon-color-pms355-green Metalic Green
icon-color-pmsxxx-white White
sharpener-pantone-yellow Yellow

Packaging: Available in various packaging on demand.
Current standard packaging are:
– Blister pack
– OPP Pouch
– Display pack

Quality: Guaranteed by Canco Canada.
– Full metal mechanism
– Sliding sleeve
– Metalic barrel paint
– Metal grip

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