Medium Jar

Item # LC8285
Export Carton:
80 Jars Per Carton
G.Weight : 10 kg
Size : 31 x 56.5 x 34 cm

Export Carton

Medium Jar

Clay Type:
Air dry

To make any 3D artwork by kids or adults

You can create many new colours by mixing the base colours. The base colours are:
icon-color-pms286-blue Blue
icon-color-pms416-black Black
icon-color-pms032-red-canada-flag Red
icon-color-pms266-violet Purple
icon-color-pmsxxx-white White
sharpener-pantone-yellow Yellow
icon-color-pms021-orange Orange
icon-color-pms306-turquoise_blue Turquoise
icon-color-pms232-pink Pink
icon-color-pms355-green Green

– Guaranteed by Canco Canada
– Soft and very easy to use
– Air dry in few hours
– Completly safe and non-toxic
– Briliant and vivid colours
– Excellent colour blending
– Suitable for mixing with glitter glue

Custom packaging is also available.

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