Fino Pen


Blister Pack Of 3 Pcs
Item # PN4003
Export Carton:
360 Blister Per Carton
G.Weight : 14 kg
Size : 57 x 50 x 33 cm

Pouch Of 12 Pcs
Item # PN4012
Export Carton:
120 Pouches Per Carton
G.Weight : 17 kg
Size : 57 x 35 x 33 cm

Jar Of 50 Pcs
Item # PN4050
Export Carton:
30 Jars Per Carton
G.Weight : 17 kg
Size : 57 x 35 x 33 cm

Export Carton 

Fino Stick Pen

Pen Type:
Ball Pen

Tip Size:
1.0 mm

Nano Ink   

Available in 12 colours
icon-color-pms286-blue Blue
icon-color-pms416-black Black
icon-color-pms032-red-canada-flag Red
icon-color-pms355-green Green
icon-color-pms021-orange Orange
icon-color-pms306-turquoise_blue Turquoise
icon-color-pms10369c-brown Brown
icon-color-pms15-0955-gold Gold
icon-color-pms195u-burgundy Burgundy
icon-color-pms232-pink Pink
icon-color-pms266-violet Purple
icon-color-pms368-light_green Phosphoric Green

– Guaranteed by Canco Canada
– Writes to the last drop of ink
– Long writing length
– Soft grip for more comfort
– No skipping or double lining
– Avoid gooping and smudging
– Durable and long lasting tip
– Consistent smooth writing

Our current standard packagings are:
– Blister Pack Of 3 Pcs
– Pouch Of 12 Pcs
Jar Of 50 Pcs

Custom packaging is also available.

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